Hot Grid Girls

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Hot Grid Girls

"Hot Jim Beam Grid Girls"Grid girls, or Paddock Girls, Umbrella Girls, Pit Babes there are more terms for these stunning women than there are classes of motor sport, however we here at HotGridGirls dot com like to refer to these gorgeous beauties as Hot Grid Girls.

The Origin of Hot Grid Girls

The origin of these promo girls came about by one very clever marketing exec somewhere who was employed by a company who sponsored motor sport.  And when we think about it, what better way to advertise your company by plastering your logo’s all over fast cars and hot grid girls.  So was born the paddock girl, grid girl or, yes the hot grid girl.

Typically Grid Girls will wear tight revealing clothing which has the race teams sponsors logos all over it.  An excellent example here in Australia are the Jim Beam Racing Grid Girls.  Or in the US, the Indy Grid Girls are another great example of how motor sport has used stunningly beautiful promotional models to help advertise their company and also their class of motor racing.

Hot Grid Girls Looking for Promo Models

Currently, Hot Grid Girls dot com is in the process of forming a promotional model agency which will target the Grid Girl motor sport market.  So we will be looking for promo models in the not to distant future.

We are passionate about motor sport and also helping promote the many Hot Grid Girls out there looking for top quality promo models work.

"Hot Grid Girls"

Hot Grid Girls dot com.

We are going to make it easy for our followers to keep up to date with us here at Hot Grid Girls dot com.  If you haven’t already make sure you like us at our Facebook Fan Page or Youtube channel, and don’t forget Twitter either.  So we will have you covered and there will be no excuses for missing our pics of promo models at the latest motor sport events like F1, Moto GP, Nascar, Indy Car, V8 Super Car.  Basically any motor sport event where there are gorgeously hot grid girls.



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